How Purchase & Expense management Work

Purchase Management

  • You can use this software to manage your purchase list.
  • This software use to manage all your purchase recipt in one area.
  • No more finding problem of your old bills, you can search your entered bill by date.
  • Easy to Edit and delete feature, if you need modifications.
  • You can store bill image with that too which help you recognise your bill.

Expense Management

  • Expense in general hard to record and rememeber. But not Now.
  • We help you to record every single day-to-day expense you do and keep record at one place.
  • Easy to record, easy to maintain and as easy as pie to find record by date.
  • No more mind freaking number need to rememeber.
  • With one Click Search your expense records and update your records by deleting on click.