How Leave & Salary management Work

leave Management

  • With this software no need to worry about managing employees leave records. This can be done automatically.
  • Just by enter employee data and give the id to employee to enter Attendence, you are free to keeping records of employees .
  • With this software you get the information about employees leaves with reasons. Which help you to assiging salary accurately.
  • Easy to Edit and delete feature, if you need modifications.
  • With Our Software you are very much free from extra work. Some of the task done automatically in our system.

Salary Management

  • You giving your employees Salary and like to keep record of that well, With our software it's make that easy for you.
  • keep all your employees detail at one point and easy to manage.
  • Salary records make you feel free from keep bunch of files for every single employee. Add the date and any other incentive or bonus given to employee and click submit button give you power to keep and delete record as requires.
  • No more mind freaking number need to rememeber.
  • It also included in your Expense automatically.